Fledge the golden dragon queen!


Hallo! I’m starting a WordPress blog. I already have an LJ account (now largely dormant) for fanfic, a Dreamwidth account purely for corresponding with other DW users, and an active Blogspot where I post my fashion/avatar creations from Second Life, and some other occasional game related interests. Oh yes, and Flickr, but I’m behind on keeping that up to date because it’s additional effort on top of the blog posts and I always feel ‘done that already now let’s move on!’

This image is one of my Second Life avatars, dressed very much in keeping with my persona; most often I look nothing at all like this! It’s not my Trueform dragon, which you can see here in the full post on Blogspot, but I thought most people could probably relate better to the humanoid – and as I love dressing up, I wear my Trueform very rarely anyway.

Blogspot has been annoying me in a variety of ways, and more people seem to be using WordPress, so I thought I would try this out and maybe end up switching. In essence it will just be a continuation of my Blogspot blog on another hosting platform.

A little about myself for those who may be new to the blog: I am a gold dragon in spirit, which is a self-identity I realised very early in my life, long before the internet hit the general public and furries became well known and (in some circles) popular.

I am independent and strong minded; I do not seek to conform, merely to please myself, but never at the expense of others. I am whimsical and lazy and often distracted by RL issues (chronic illness, raising a young child and work – I am editing a series of books to be e-published, with the possible long-term aim of starting a business); I should qualify that ‘lazy’ by saying it isn’t so much lack of dedication as that I get bored and frustrated quite easily, which puts me off doing things, such as writing…

I love science, the natural world, animals, animal and human psychology, mythology, science and fantasy fiction, and the philosophy of being critically open minded and tolerant, but never to those who proselytise or hate-monger. I used to love a good debate but in later life find myself getting too riled up by argument, and try not to post too many aggro or emo rants, though occasionally I find they can help let off steam and don’t expect anybody to take any notice!

Finally, as this blog exists to demonstrate, I enjoy the release of my creative side in the purchase, hoarding and customisation of pretty things in Second Life. I won’t say too much about it except to say that as a creative and social platform I have yet to see anything else come close; it lacks only the gaming element and I must say that if you could combine the best features of Second Life, World of Warcraft and Minecraft then I probably would never leave the computer and die of starvation…

So that’s about it, really! Welcome to my new WordPress blog. As you have already noticed, I am not good at brevity. But I don’t think ‘Hi I’m Fledge, I make pretty pictures, kthxbye!’ is sufficient introduction };=8)

If you have got this far, and would like to continue reading my blog, then I am honoured and flattered and hope not to disappoint! I will try my hardest to look over your blog too, but I must admit to my shame that sometimes I don’t find the time to do this as people deserve, and apologise in advance if you feel slighted. It is most certainly never intentional.

~ : : ~